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Codes and ethics

As an EFPIA member association, we fully implement the EFPIA code of practice. As everyone in the EFPIA family, we, just as all our member companies, are committed to open, transparent relationships with stakeholders across healthcare.

Collaboration between industry, patient organisations, healthcare professionals, health systems, institutions and governments is critical to shape the future of research and development, inform regulatory decision-making and optimise the use of medicines in the patient pathway.

Transparency is critical to these relationships. You can find details of how these important relationships are regulated on the EFPIA homepage, together with how EFPIA supports the development of best practice.

Meals and drinks Threasholds

According to the EFPIA Code, Member Companies must not provide or offer any meal (food and beverages) to HCPs, HCOs’ members or POs’ Representatives, unless, in each case, the value of such meal does not exceed the monetary threshold set by the relevant Member Association in its National Code (following the “Host Country Principle”)

Disclosure Template

Under the EFPIA Code, the pharmaceutical industry have to disclose payments made to healthcare professionals, such as sponsorship to attend meetings, speaker fees, consultancy and advisory boards.